Mickey Wagner……………..Adam Rifkin
Reality Show
is the brainchild of Adam Rifkin, writer, director, executive producer and star of the show. Rifkin’s eclectic career ranges from broad family comedies to cult classics to dark and gritty urban dramas. He’s an A-list screenwriter with such movies to his credit as Mousehunt, Underdog, and last year’s mini-series. LOOK, also on Showtime.
Dennis Warwick…………….Scott Anderson          
Scott Anderson was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He received his M.F.A from Southern Methodist University and has worked mostly in theatre in the Chicago area. He is the songwriter and guitarist for Chicago-based bands The Wooden Hearts and The Delafields, and he plays Fred Schneider in the B-52’s tribute band, Planet Claire.
Katherine Warwick…………Kelley Menighan Hensley
Born and raised in Chicago, IL  Kelley graduated from Southern Methodist University, with a Bachelor in fine arts, and an English, Art History minor.  She moved to LA and worked on several commercials, TV spots and a few film roles.  In 1992, Kelley booked the contract role of Emily Stewart, on “As the World Turns.”  While on the show, She married her co-star, Jon Hensley and had three beautiful children, Sophie May, Spence James and Gigi Georgia Grace.  After 18 years on ATWT the show was cancelled, and the family moved back out to LA.  She is currently writing a column for Soap Opera Digest called, as well as her blog, with the same name, she writes with her 13 years old daughter, Sophie May.  The blog is all things women and girls: health, fitness, fashion, beauty, an inspiring life-coaching blog.  She is writing and developing television shows and growing her GreatFullOfLife business. She continues to work as an actress, including voiceovers, and awaits her first Showtime premier, in the Adam Rifkin series, “Reality Show.”  Kelley and her family now live in Chicago, where it all began.
Amy Warwick……………….Monika Tilling
Monika began performing as a dancer when she was eight years old and received her BFA in Dance from the University of Arizona.  During her last semester, Monika took an acting course and realized she had to switch gears and  move to Los Angeles to pursue acting! Her first feature, Den of Darkness, is a thriller in post-production and has been submitted to film festivals for the coming year.  Monika has appeared as a dancer for the L.A. Opera, in national commercials and has several music videos to her credit.
Mike………………………….Brian Borello
Brian Borello was born in Novato CA just north of San Francisco. He first acting was as an extra in the film Village of the Damned, directed by John Carpenter. Brian says it wasn’t meeting Christopher Reeves or Mark Hamill that made him want to pursue acting; it was “craft services.” Not having any outlet to study acting, it wasn’t until his senior year of high school when he was given the opportunity to take a drama class that fell in the with the art and auditioned for the school play Guys and Dolls. Brian got the lead but turned it down. “I let fear control me that day because I didn’t think I was good enough.”  He has since been on such television shows as Criminal Minds and appeared in the feature, Dark Plan.
Stacy…………………………Lindsey Grubbs
Ben Dachman………………Constantine Paraskevopoulos
J-Mo…………………………Jeremy Morrison
Jeremy L. Morrison aspired to work in film as early as four years old. After high school, he settled into a semi-decent job at McDonalds. Hoping for the best, he contacted Adam Rifkin on MySpace asking if he could help out on anything. Rifkin accepted Jeremy’s offer, and the rest is history. Jeremy quickly left the clown faced corporation and began working for Rifkin, first on PR tasks from the Midwest, then later on the set of Adam’s critically acclaimed Showtime series LOOK. He worked his way up from production assistant to associate producer to Rifkin’s personal assistant, a job he’s held over the course of two feature films and most recently REALITY SHOW. Jeremy was shocked, yet excited when his mentor told him he’d been written into the show.  Currently, Jeremy is starting a grass roots campaign to direct a romantic comedy loosely based on his experience working in Los Angeles while maintaining residence in Chicago. Jeremy also hosts the podcast Acid Pop Cult. “APC” is available on iTunes.
Shane Murphy………….…..Shane McAvoy
Perhaps the most underrated and underutilized actor of his generation, Shane McAvoy’s innate talent and ability to command and conquer any role he takes on is on par with the best in the business. Born in Pasadena, California, Shane McAvoy began his career when he was recruited by Adam Rifkin and immediately assumed the position of the director’s assistant. Before long, Rifkin was casting Shane in small parts in all of his films.  Shane McAvoy has appeared in such films/shows as “Look,” “Havoc 2: Normal Adolescent Behavior,” and “Look (the TV series for Showtime).”
Chad…………………………Barrett James
born in Los Angeles California, Barrett’s rugged good looks and natural comedic timing has helped him carve out a nice, ever-growing film, television, and commercial career. He made his film debut in the small critically acclaimed “December Ends”, where he was plucked from Los Angeles to film in NYC. Later receiving glowing reviews from Variety, with numerous Festival awards to boot.  His time on stage began very early and continued thru college with the lead in “A Few Good Men” and “Dracula”. At 11 years old he began making a living in Commercial and Print, this continues today – including national campaigns for Fiat, Ray-Ban, Mango, and Bud Light to name a few. He makes his home near the beach and spends his free time, with family and friends, hiking and doing yoga.
Yvonne………………………Margaret Savinar
Margaret Savinar was born in Portland, OR to parents Tad and Georgia Savinar where she lived until she graduated from high school. During her childhood, Margaret was a competitive gymnast for ten years. Margaret was influenced at a young age by her father who is an accomplished playwright, best known for his Broadway play Talk Radio. Margaret lived in Portland until she attended and graduated from Chapman University in Orange County. After getting her B.A. in Communications as well as her B.A. in French, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.
Craig…………………………Joey Christopoulos
Joey Christopoulos was born in Evanston, Il. He began performing in plays and variety shows at age 17 attending New Trier High School. He has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia College, he has attended Second City Chicago and helped form the nationally touring sketch comedy group The Cool Table ( After years of working in theatre writing/directing/performing, Joey moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and quickly booked a guest star role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. He is currently working on his own independent project, a fantasy football web series entitled Tuddy Guys (@tuddyguys). He would kindly like to thank his wonderful parents, his sister Tina, his Godfather Jim and the incredible support of his friends and family.
Elizabeth Stanley……………Principal
 Catlin Adams as “Sue”

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